1. You’re repulsive when you’re drunk.
  2. College women believe that men find them alluring when they’re drunk.

One study says nope, those shots aren’t sexy. Many women thought that men would be interested in friendship or more with a woman who drinks at least five drinks. The men actually preferred half that. Of course, that won’t stop men from going for the lay if five drinks will get the job done.













  1. It’s not exactly surprising to learn that binge drinking leads to unintentional hookups for women. And regrets. Lots of regrets.

In one recent study of the hookup behavior of 850 college students:

76% of guys and 60% of women reported hooking up within the last year. Of those, the ones who had sex indicated heavier drinking than the ones who didn’t get P in V.

o 55% of hookups include sexual intercourse, and involve the most alcohol use.

o 45% of hookups are non-coital, and involve less alcohol use.

  1. Alcohol use for women was a stronger predictor of engaging in hook up encounters (both non-penetrative and penetrative) as compared to men. It is unclear whether women consciously drink to facilitate hooking up, or whether their drinking impairs decision-making ability.


The Minaret, University of Tampa

Another study looked at the correlation between alcohol use and STDs. 671 STD clinic patients under the age of 25 were asked about drug and alcohol use.

  1. Among women, binge drinking was uniquely associated with risky sexual behaviors and an STD diagnosis. Among men, risky sexual behaviors did not vary with alcohol use.
  2. 33% of binge drinking women reported receptive anal sex, compared to 16% of non-binge drinkers.
  3. 41% of binge drinking women reported multiple sex partners, compared with 17% of more moderate drinkers.
  4. Gonorrhea was 5 times higher among binge drinkers.
  5. study in the UKconducted by a feminine hygiene company surveyed 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 50.

The average women reported 8 different sexual partners and was drunk with at least 5 of them.


  1. Four out of 10 have “always” been a bit tipsy when they have slept with a partner for the first time.
  2. 48.5 percent said they preferred sex while under the influence.
  3. According to the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment for Spring 2019:

20% of female students surveyed having unprotected sex during the last school year as a result of their own drinking.

  1. In a study about college student regrets, it was demonstrated that even after numerous binge drinking experiences, students are poor judges of how many drinks will get them into trouble. Even if they’ve made the same mistakes on numerous prior occasions, they consistently overestimate how much alcohol is required to intoxicate them.
  2. Most nights out for young people begin with a pregame somewhere. Guys often have 15+ beers on a night out, and girls can easily get to 10 drinks.

Sexual consent is not even possible at that level of inebriation, so add sexual assault to the list of dangerous behaviors.

If you want to have sex when you’ve got your wits about you, then have it. If it’s something that happens when you’re drunk then think about cleaning up your act. Good sex doesn’t happen when you’re wasted, dangerous sex does.

In case knowing that guys find you repulsive doesn’t get you to slow down, and this scary list of stats isn’t enough to deter you either, I’ll throw in a link courtesy of Badger: